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The Lab Integration Platform

UniteLabs App is the first-of-its-kind lab integration platform for biotech that will give your lab superpowers.

Universal Integration Layer

Our platform connects to any hardware and software system in the lab environment by building on emerging interface standards in the industry, such as SiLA 2.

Our web application allows you to browse all connected systems and interactively execute commands on them.

Integration Layer

From the lab to the cloud

Our connectors can be deployed on computers or microcontrollers connected to the instruments and establish a connection over our gateway infrastructure. Through this inside-initiated connectivity, no adjustments to the firewall or network are necessary.


API access

The UniteLabs API enables uniform access to all connected systems making the service-oriented laboratory of the future a reality. The API can be accessed from a third-party software such as LIMS, LES, ELN or custom applications to provide data and device access.

API Access

Client libraries

The UniteLabs API can be used directly via client libraries from any location. Our client libraries can support you whether you are writing and testing automation scripts, integrating device control, or incorporating real-time data into your dashboards or custom GUIs.

Development Environment

The UniteLabs client libraries empower the developer by abstracting complexity. Through them, you have access to all hardware and software connected to the platform. Additionally, you have access to workflow-specific functionality that can significantly reduce the time spent on development.

Development Environment


With the UniteLabs platform, you can create workflows that define data and control flow, ranging from simple data acquisition and transformation to complex closed-loop automations. These workflows can be used to extract data from an instrument, automate processes in software or robotic arms, or provide an interface to a database. So, start using the UniteLabs platform today to automate your lab and make it more agile than ever before.


Solving the connectivity problem one step at a time

Existing connectors can be found and shared at our UniteLabs Hub, where we also provide a development framework, templates, and guides on how to develop your own connector. With our growing library of standard-based connectors, we will overcome the device integration conundrum and enable integration times on the scale of minutes rather than weeks.

Connector Hub