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The Lab 4.0 Platform

We are the digital infrastructure for a new generation of life science companies.

Connect and automate your lab - at any scale

Use our integration platform to connect laboratory hard- & software, build applications, control instruments, and automate your data flow. Build upon a scalable and sustainable architecture to give your lab superpowers.

Integration Layer

Bringing standardised connectivity to any type of instrument, robot, or software

Full Control

Go beyond data extraction with access to the full device functionality in real-time

All Access

All systems connected to the Integration Layer become a resource in our uniform API

Digital Ecosystem

Access our API from within other software, such as ELN, LES, and LIMS

Your Path

Build your own logic using our libraries without worrying about infrastructure

Limitless Connectivity

Our edge technology makes networking issues a thing of the past

The agile laboratory

Every lab is different and processes change. In the end, this leaves many manual steps, incomplete data, and missed potential.

  • What if  adapting the tools to the new process was something you could do yourself and in minutes?
  • What if  you could gather instrument data, build visualisations and automate physical processes with a single source of truth?
  • What if  you could prototype a new automation, tweak it, and finally scale it up into a long-running application on the same platform?
  • What if  you could get all your device data digitised, automated, and stored securely?
  • What if  you could integrate new devices within minutes and not weeks?
  • What if  your lab was truly modular, agile, and digital?

Say goodbye to unsustainable and say hello to the agile lab!

Device data extraction

Use UniteLabs to connect to every device, sensor, software, or robot in your lab. Get access to results, collect sensor and device data in real-time, or automate your data flow to databases and existing applications.

Modular Laboratory

Did you find a LIMS that really meets your needs? Build your own laboratory information management with a combination of ideal solutions and your own tools. Adapt to changing requirements and processes as you grow.

Long-running applications

Set up permanent workflows that act as services in your lab. Enrich your work environment by deploying data pipelines, machine learning algorithms, and more.

Rapid prototyping

Test your ideas faster. Automate quicker. Without worrying about the infrastructure, your lab is becoming more digital and more automated, quicker.

Closed-loop automation

Integrate all relevant systems, like your LIMS, devices, and databases to create closed-loop systems. Full control over all controls and data flows enables you to adapt the system to your needs.

Supercharge existing apps

Tools in the lab environment suffer from incomplete data, missing device access, and overall difficult connectivity. Change that and give you lab superpowers!